1000 days (+ 205 days WFH)

A little milestone just crept up, 1000 days at AWS.

Today also marks 205 days since I’ve been in “Work From Home” (WFH) mode. My little workspace has served me well so far.

My Home Workspace
My Home Workspace

Another milestone I’m closing in on, is 200 hiring events during my time at AWS. It hasn’t just been for roles in my team, as we do support hiring different roles across the business. I’ve met terrific folks throughout the process and have been so happy to seem many of them join AWS. Since we’ve been in “lockdown”, a number of folks have join the team and it’s been so good to see them jump inget on with the job despite the rather weird situation of working from home. We have had to adjust how we communicate as a team, but I feel it’s brought us all closer together.

One other little milestone is to do with collecting little “achievement” icons. I’ve got a bunch of them, and my t-shirt is a reminder that I will go to great lengths for my “flair”

When I wrote about my 700 Day milestone, I had no idea what 2020 would have in store.

What! A! Crazy! Year! and we’re still not done.

So, 1000 days down, but it’s still day one.

100 days, but still Day One

I’ve just hit 100 days with AWS.

It’s been a mix of on-boarding, travel, working with my team, learning what needs to be done, and culminated with a few days last week at AWS Summit in SYDNEY


Looking back at my TripIt stats, it kinda says it all…..

Trips 8
Days 38
Distance 54,682 km
Cities 7
Countries 4


Since starting the new role, I’ve been on the look out for a new avatar.Β  I had to leave my old ones, and I had been using a temporary one which I kinda liked (can anyone guess where it’s from?)

First Avatar Last Temporary

So I need a new look.

I had a bright idea — I went to fiverr, and using the same photo, I got a few different avatars. I tried Simpsons style, Archer style, flat style, shadowy, artistic, cartoony, but I must admit I really really love the Bob’s Burger style –Β So that’s the one in the top left…Β  My family reckons is a good likeness too – it’s a keeper. Expect to see it everywhere


And speaking of seeing it everywhere, I helped designed a burger for Royal Stacks (Yes i know right).Β  It’s called the QWERTY, and available only for the month of April! The burger is pretty awesome if I say so myself πŸ™‚ #AchievementUnlocked πŸ”

Now, one of the things that has really struck me is that Amazon, and therefore AWS, is that it is a bit “peculiar”. I like that, maybe because I’m a bit peculiar too. I’ve always felt like the odd one out. Now I feel I’m among “my” people, and the things that really contributes to this is the collection of Amazon Leadership Principles – they are not just a sign on a wall, but something used every day at Amazon. Some of these principles represent things that are inside a person (call it values if you will) and some are learnt behaviours. As a result, there’s a common sense of purpose, a common language, a virtual shorthand that unites everyone.

100 days down. Onwards to the next 100 days, and then the next after that. But, as they say at Amazon, it’s always Day One!