700 Days with an unexpected twist!

Today is my 700th day at AWS. Nice round number eh? 1 year, 11 months since I started! The team has grown, with new hires in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane (and Perth).  It’s been a wild ride, or should I say a wild ryde 🦄.

Now, the twist is that my daughter Emma is starting today at AWS as an intern!


Photographic proof – It’s Emma at AWS

If someone had told me that would be the case 700 days ago, I would not have believed it!  In retrospect it’s kinda obvious that this was going to happen.

emmaandjeff (2)

When Jeff met Emma

I’m sure she will have a lot to say about her day – but I just couldn’t resist a post to celebrate both milestones, as I join an exclusive group.


500 (aka D) days

frankarr 2019

Today I mark 500 days at AWS.  Why D? Well that’s 500 in roman numerals – Duh!

Those 500 days have really flown by.

I continue to lead a team of Solutions Architects who help customers on their cloud journey,  and my scope increased in 2019, so I now also lead teams based in NSW & QLD.

We recently held AWS Sydney Summit and I was a guest on AWS Summit Live on Twitch in which I was interviewed by the team about the upcoming Build Track which I curated together with Kris Howard (who was also one of the hosts for AWS Summit Live)


Still getting the hang of what it means to be an Amazonian. There’s a lots to learn.

If I were to use the “hero journey” to describe my time so far, I’ve definitely crossed the threshold into the “Extraordinary world”


So as I continue my journey, the thing that will help push me through those inevitable challenges is knowing that I am helping advance the cause for the local industry, helping Australian companies embrace the opportunities of the cloud, and see them compete & excel globally. I love meeting and helping local companies who have global customers, delivering great value, and providing employment opportunities for skilled local folks.

100 days, but still Day One

I’ve just hit 100 days with AWS.

It’s been a mix of on-boarding, travel, working with my team, learning what needs to be done, and culminated with a few days last week at AWS Summit in SYDNEY


Looking back at my TripIt stats, it kinda says it all…..

Trips 8
Days 38
Distance 54,682 km
Cities 7
Countries 4


Since starting the new role, I’ve been on the look out for a new avatar.  I had to leave my old ones, and I had been using a temporary one which I kinda liked (can anyone guess where it’s from?)

First Avatar Last Temporary

So I need a new look.

I had a bright idea — I went to fiverr, and using the same photo, I got a few different avatars. I tried Simpsons style, Archer style, flat style, shadowy, artistic, cartoony, but I must admit I really really love the Bob’s Burger style – So that’s the one in the top left…  My family reckons is a good likeness too – it’s a keeper. Expect to see it everywhere


And speaking of seeing it everywhere, I helped designed a burger for Royal Stacks (Yes i know right).  It’s called the QWERTY, and available only for the month of April! The burger is pretty awesome if I say so myself 🙂 #AchievementUnlocked 🍔

Now, one of the things that has really struck me is that Amazon, and therefore AWS, is that it is a bit “peculiar”. I like that, maybe because I’m a bit peculiar too. I’ve always felt like the odd one out. Now I feel I’m among “my” people, and the things that really contributes to this is the collection of Amazon Leadership Principles – they are not just a sign on a wall, but something used every day at Amazon. Some of these principles represent things that are inside a person (call it values if you will) and some are learnt behaviours. As a result, there’s a common sense of purpose, a common language, a virtual shorthand that unites everyone.

100 days down. Onwards to the next 100 days, and then the next after that. But, as they say at Amazon, it’s always Day One!


Leaving Telstra

It’s been 1430 days or thereabouts, since I started my adventure with Telstra.
First with the API strategy, then with the Innovation Ecosystem System engagement within the CTO; not to mention my “side hustles” with muru-d, codeclub, telstra foundation, techfugees, CSIRO ON:, Austrade,  countless hack events and I even featured as a guest on a podcast
I also got to meet some great people, work with some amazing folks, inspire some young folks, and I got to help bootstrap things that will lead to great change. I really feel like there was a greater purpose to what we were doing.
If I were to summarize the last 1430 days or so, it’s would be about community, collaboration & cultural change, underpinned with a strong desire of “giving back”, or as my dear friend Annie Parker keeps remind us all, we got to #payitforward.
Now it’s time to start a new adventure. Yes, that’s right, time for a new avatar!
I’ll be joining the local AWS team in Melbourne. I’m heading back to the world of software, leading a team, made up of folks who love what they do, with a singular purpose, underpinned by a set of powerful leadership principles (if you haven’t seen Amazon Leadership Principles, check them out).
Since I am still passionate about the Australian tech ecosystem. I want to see more of the likes of Envato, Red Bubble, Culture Amp, 99designs, Drawboard, spring up and go forward to take on the world. I also want to see more of the great research at our universities be unleashed onto the world and commercialised through programs such as CSIRO’s ON:, and university programs such as the delightfully named TRaM (Translating Research at Melbourne). And fortunately for me, I will still be in a position to be involved.
Speaking of taking on the world,  I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Austrade by participating with the Landing Pads program. I have been a member of the assessment panel this past year, and it’s been both an honour and a highlight to be part of the program.  I even got to host a few info session about BerlinSan Fran.
Now, I always had an inkling I would be back with a Seattle based software company, and I’ll be joining many of my former colleagues who have made the move from MSFT on the east side, to AWS on the west side – it’s just taken me a bit longer. I’ll digress for a little story, 4 years ago right after leaving Microsoft, I did interview with AWS, but the Telstra offer came first. Fast forward 4 years, and when I got my recent AWS offer, the letter referenced my OLD address from 4 years ago.   Yes, I know!
So, to recap – leaving Telstra. Starting at AWS.
Onwards to 2018!

1337 d4y5 47 73l57r4


It’s been 1337 days since i started at Telstra, to be part of the team working on the API Strategy and it feels appropriate on this 1337 d4y5 1337 d4y5 47 73l57r4 to see the next chapter of the API work be written, with Steve Cooper, aka @DeveloperSteve coming onboard to take this to the next level as the API and Platform Evangelist at Telstra. Welcome Steve – looking forward to seeing things move ahead.

Back in September 2016, I moved into a new role as a member of the Innovation team at Telstra, in the Chief Technology Office, located in the Gurrowa Innovation Lab in Melbourne.

Well a lot has happened in those 12 months! We built a new team, re-launched the lab with a new sense of purpose & vigor, and began to inspire the next generation

We also hosted many events, and lucky for me, I was able to capture a “moment” of just some of these

I also got more connect with the ecosystem and was invited to contribute via a number of initiatives…

It’s been a full 12 months, with a lot more to come

3 years on, break out the leather, crystal or glass

Each year I do a little retrospective post marking my work anniversary, and today I it’s time to continue the tradition.
First up here’s some of those previous posts covering my time at Telstra
During the last 12 months, I’ve gone from working on the Telstra API Strategy to moving to the Innovation team, in the Chief Technology Office.
Along the way, I picked up new duties and am responsible for people again.   I really like being a “people leader”, helping develop, coach, mentor, inspire. I even had a ‘grad’ to tend to and Serina (aka gilly) has been absolute delight. Maybe you have read some of her stories — GovHack 2016My week with … A botTechfugees for Young people: #hack4refugeesA world of code. Her time with me is coming to an end, so I wish Serina all the best with the next step of her career.
I really like working with grads, and since Telstra has a well structured graduate program I look forward to contributing to that.
Something else I like, is being involved with Muru-D, and last year #SYD3 was full of amazing young companies. I got to work closely with Simpla and Cuberider – seriously, how amazing was it to see Cuberider send Australia’s first payload to the ISS!!  I was involved in the recent SYD4 bootcamp and look forward to seeing the next batch come through! And what a legacy Annie Parker is leaving behind, but can’t wait to see what Lighthouse becomes!
There’s a bit of theme – one of nurturing, mentoring, curating, advising & inspiring and these are all the things that get me going and inspire me. So, can’t complain about that!
Oh and the leather, crystal, glass reference – it’s the suggested three year anniversary gifts

We Want You! Hustler, Hacker, Hipster


I just passed my 90 days in Telstra’s Chief Technology Office (CTO) based out of the Gurrowa Innovation Lab in Melbourne.

It’s been a full-on period which included revisiting our WHY (thank you Simon Sinek)

So now that we have a better idea of our WHY, we’re looking for a few special folks to come join us.

We are on the hunt for a community manager, who will be “our face” to the community. From running tours, to hosting events and making the connections between all the diverse communities that Telstra is part of; and they need a bit of hustle.

We also need an innovation hacker, a cross between a “hacker” and a “hipster”, who can use digital marketing tools and techniques to drive rapid experimentation, which will help test & validate ideas.

These folks will be joining a growing team of entrepreneurial minded people, including Facilitation and Design specialists who believe that by working together, we can discover the insights and technologies that will pay dividends back to Australian businesses, and reaffirm our nation’s position on the world stage as a bold and vital innovator.

So if you think you’re part of this dream team, based in Melbourne, reach out and tell us why.