Leaving Telstra

It’s been 1430 days or thereabouts, since I started my adventure with Telstra.
First with the API strategy, then with the Innovation Ecosystem System engagement within the CTO; not to mention my “side hustles” with muru-d, codeclub, telstra foundation, techfugees, CSIRO ON:, Austrade,  countless hack events and I even featured as a guest on a podcast
I also got to meet some great people, work with some amazing folks, inspire some young folks, and I got to help bootstrap things that will lead to great change. I really feel like there was a greater purpose to what we were doing.
If I were to summarize the last 1430 days or so, it’s would be about community, collaboration & cultural change, underpinned with a strong desire of “giving back”, or as my dear friend Annie Parker keeps remind us all, we got to #payitforward.
Now it’s time to start a new adventure. Yes, that’s right, time for a new avatar!
I’ll be joining the local AWS team in Melbourne. I’m heading back to the world of software, leading a team, made up of folks who love what they do, with a singular purpose, underpinned by a set of powerful leadership principles (if you haven’t seen Amazon Leadership Principles, check them out).
Since I am still passionate about the Australian tech ecosystem. I want to see more of the likes of Envato, Red Bubble, Culture Amp, 99designs, Drawboard, spring up and go forward to take on the world. I also want to see more of the great research at our universities be unleashed onto the world and commercialised through programs such as CSIRO’s ON:, and university programs such as the delightfully named TRaM (Translating Research at Melbourne). And fortunately for me, I will still be in a position to be involved.
Speaking of taking on the world,  I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Austrade by participating with the Landing Pads program. I have been a member of the assessment panel this past year, and it’s been both an honour and a highlight to be part of the program.  I even got to host a few info session about BerlinSan Fran.
Now, I always had an inkling I would be back with a Seattle based software company, and I’ll be joining many of my former colleagues who have made the move from MSFT on the east side, to AWS on the west side – it’s just taken me a bit longer. I’ll digress for a little story, 4 years ago right after leaving Microsoft, I did interview with AWS, but the Telstra offer came first. Fast forward 4 years, and when I got my recent AWS offer, the letter referenced my OLD address from 4 years ago.   Yes, I know!
So, to recap – leaving Telstra. Starting at AWS.
Onwards to 2018!