500 (aka D) days

frankarr 2019

Today I mark 500 days at AWS.  Why D? Well that’s 500 in roman numerals – Duh!

Those 500 days have really flown by.

I continue to lead a team of Solutions Architects who help customers on their cloud journey,  and my scope increased in 2019, so I now also lead teams based in NSW & QLD.

We recently held AWS Sydney Summit and I was a guest on AWS Summit Live on Twitch in which I was interviewed by the team about the upcoming Build Track which I curated together with Kris Howard (who was also one of the hosts for AWS Summit Live)


Still getting the hang of what it means to be an Amazonian. There’s a lots to learn.

If I were to use the “hero journey” to describe my time so far, I’ve definitely crossed the threshold into the “Extraordinary world”


So as I continue my journey, the thing that will help push me through those inevitable challenges is knowing that I am helping advance the cause for the local industry, helping Australian companies embrace the opportunities of the cloud, and see them compete & excel globally. I love meeting and helping local companies who have global customers, delivering great value, and providing employment opportunities for skilled local folks.