Four years have flown by

This week I passed my 4 years at AWS, and what an interesting time it’s been. Since my last post, we still find ourselves in a global pandemic, dealing with the latest variant which continues to impact our lives. All the members of the household have had their 2 vaccines and have been recently boosted, so we’re doing our bit BUT living in Melbourne, one of the most locked down cities in the world, has been tough. On the plus side, I did get myself a cool new t-shirt to remember the experience.

So, we find ourselves at the start of 2022, with another mountain to climb, memories to be made, goals to be met (and exceeded) and ready to face whatever challenges the year ahead will put in front on us.

I am thankful I have a comfy spot at home to get my work done, adequate bandwidth, walking distance to some of the best coffee in Melbourne, and access to plenty of snacks.

I recently got a replacement laptop, which is a big improvement over my trusty old friend who developed a swollen battery and was starting to run out of steam. By the end of it all, the old laptop was being held together by a whole bunch of stickers.

I’ve got more to say, but I’ll save that for when I reach my 1500 days milestone – which isn’t that far.

7 Comments on “Four years have flown by”

  1. Matt Saraceni says:

    Can I buy one of these shirts?? Great update Frank!

  2. billsobillso says:

    Brush up your tennis game, Frank, the Australian Open may need you soon

  3. billsobillso says:

    Better brush up on your tennis game, Frank, the Australian Open may need you soon

  4. mikekinnon says:

    Hey Frank,

    Sounds like a book of memoirs brewing.
    Mark from IMR/Red Sheriff here ol pal.

    I’m a partner in a Print n Demand Business and I’ve been wanting to do a Geek range. Want to be the spokes person or Ambassador? A commish in it for you of course !

    And happy to add any design ideas you have.

    Some of ours soon to be released on this drive link.

    I might PM on you LI too.

    Mark πŸ™‚

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