The word of the year is ”App”! ?

I saw  a news article recently that the word of the year for 2010 was “App”, as voted by the American Dialect Society

So true.

I picked up a Windows Phone 7 when it launched back in November. I’m a loyal (some say foolish) T-Mobile customer, so I went with the T-Mobile HTC HD7

I must admit I have been pretty happy with the phone (anyone surprised to hear that) apart from one thing.

It was reset by one of my kids when they tried to unlock the phone. He put in the wrong pin a few times, which got an policy enforced to do a remote wipe. I must admit, I did loose my cool for a while. I almost ruined christmas for my family a second time, but cooler heads prevailed.

The experience taught me a few things, which brings me back to apps. The one most relevant to this is that I need a way to remember what apps I have installed on the phone. Since I had installed most of my apps “Over The Air”, there is no way to “automagically” restore the installed apps. If I had installed them via the desktop client (aka Zune Client) they would have be reinstalled. Now, the good thing when I do ‘re-install’ the apps, is that the the marketplace tells me that I have already purchased them so I don’t have to buy them again.Phew!

So, how do I remember what apps I have installed? It seems there is no easy way. However, I found a great little site, developed by an italian MVP, called WP7Applist. It a pretty cool site that is full of reviews, updates, news of new apps etc, but the one thing i  L-O-V-E about it is the ability to tag an app you have installed and it creates the My WP7A library.

I took a look at the page, did some scrapping and voila – the apps I have installed on my phone!

1337 Translator 9 personalities Amazon Kindle AP Mobile AppFinder ArkWords Backgrounds 10,000 Wallpapers BandWidth BBC News Mobile Beezz Bing Pictures Downloader Bookly Videos and Pics Breaking News Brightkite Cardmobili CardStar Constitution Cricinfo Top Stories Cricket World Cup 2011 Curbside Cuisine Locator Daily Deals eBay Facebook Fandango Movies - Times & Tickets Flickr Manager Flixster foursquare GameCardr GuidePost Huffington Post I'm a WinPho ICanHasCheezburger: The Official App iheartradio IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities Link Me In Loopt Lyrics Marketplace Search mClock Microsoft Store Microsoft� Tag Reader MoonPhaser MSN Money MSN� Movies My Comic MyRugby Netflix News360 NFL Playoffs oncampus OneBusAway Pageonce Personal Finance Project Emporia� Real Estate Search Roman Numerals Scores Send to WP7 Share2Flickr Shazam Slacker Radio Slick Deals Slide Show Soundtrckr Stock Mosaic Stocks Talking Parrot TaxCaster Mobile TED That's Not Funny The Weather Channel Twitter Wallpapers HD Weather WeatherBug WeatherFrame Weave What's Around Here WHERE Wiki Bee Free WikiPanda World Clock Yelp YouTube ZuneCardr

Yeah, it’s a bunch of apps isn’t it and I haven’t gotten to games yet!!! I’ll save that for another post.

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